Vacuum Consolidation

Vacuum Consolidation

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CeTeau Vacuum Consolidation
The innovative CeTeau Vacuo is designed to accelerate the consolidation for soft and very soft saturated fine- grained soils.

Vacuum Considation
The system consists of installing prefabricated vertical drains, individually connected below the surface to vacuum transmission pipes. These pipes are than connected at surface level to a horizontal tubing system by means of specially developed airtight T-couplings. The so-called drainage screens, a row of vertical drains that are connected at the top to a horizontal line, are brought outside the surcharge (if any) and connected to a combined vacuum air pump that has been developed in-house. 
The advantage of this method over the traditional sealing by geo-membrane is that leaks are fully traceable even after surcharge loading. 
This loading process creates an accelerated isotropic consolidation in the soil mass in a relatively short time, eliminating the need for long-term and potentially unstable surcharge loads. The system is applicable in under the following conditions; Stability problems, No space for shallow slopes or berms, minimal allowable deformation of subsoil ( close to buildings) or Short construction time available.

Advantages of the CeTeau Vacuum Consolidation System
‣ A very short installation period 
‣ Significant time reduction compared with other consolidation methods
‣ No liner required
‣ Flexible configuration due to the absence of a liner
‣ No border trench required, which could cause instability or horizontal deformation.
‣ Isotropic consolidation reduces the risk of failure under additional loading
‣ No risk of slope instability beyond boundaries
‣ Controlled rate and magnitude of loading and settlement
‣ Reduction in surcharge fill transportation
‣ No connection with underlying aquifers
‣ Separation of intermediate sand lenses possible
‣ Horizontal deformation during filling is avoided
‣ Large reduction in secondary settlements

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