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Silt Protector

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CeTeau Silt Protector

Slit curtian
Silt Protector is a flexible membrane product that has been designed to physically prevent diffusion of pollution generated in dredging or reclamation works on the seas or rivers. The main function of silt curtain is to enclose turbidity and to minimize influence on outside sensitive area. Enclosed by silt curtains, current velocity inside is much lower than outside velocity. This means silt curtain is accelerating sedimentation of silt by reducing flow velocity. The pollution (fine particles) is said to badly affect the benthic organism (marine life that lives at the bottom) including making it difficult for fish to breathe as well as reducing underwater visibility. The silt protector operates safely to prevent the spreading of pollution, because it uses a physical means without the use of chemicals that would cause secondary pollution.

Slit protection

Slit screen

There are tree different types off silt protector, hanging, standing which also can be used in combination. For deep sea more than 10m, it is effective to use 2 separate curtain systems. One curtain is hung down from sea surface and another curtain stand on sea bottom. By this combination of 2 curtains very deep sea like 20m depth can be covered and protected effectively.;Hanging Type. The third type is used for local protection during grab dredging, silt curtains are hung down from square shape steel pipe frame in which grab works. 

The specification for the Silt Protector to be used are determined by the following factors; wind speed, current speed, wave height, height of the silt curtain, depth of the water and tidal range. 

With these parameters, we can design the Silt Protector complete with float sizes, chain weight, silt curtain strength, and anchoring system.

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